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2024/02/05 Topics

Professor Irfan Dwidya Prijambada (Gasha Mada University, Indonesia), an alumnus of the department, was awarded the “Osaka University Global Alumni Fellow”. Congratulations!

2023/09/29 Topics

Master’s Degree conferment ceremony was held.

2022/10/11 Information

We are now recruiting new students (Master and Doctor courses/with or without MEXT scholarship).

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2022/10/07 Information

Our alumni, Dr Nujaran Jongruja (Faculty of Science, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand) visited us. We had fruitful discussions on the collaborative education and researches.

2022/10/07 Topics

On September 22, 2022, Master’s Degree conferment ceremony was held for the graduates of  ” Biotechnology Global Human Resource Development Program for Industry-University Co-Creation” was held at Suntory Memorial Hall.

Due to the new corona infection control policy, the ceremony was held in person for faculty members and eight graduates, and one graduate participated online.
Degrees were conferred to nine graduates of the program. Following the ceremonial address by Professor Muranaka, Dean of the department, the students expressed their impressions and gratitude after two years of study, and each professor congratulated the students on their completion and expressed their expectations for their future endeavors. The ceremony concluded with a commemorative photo taken with all the participants.

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Three types of researchers are necessary for the successful applications of basic researches to industry and society.

  • 1. Creators who generate one from zero.
  • 2. Developers who grow one up to hundred.
  • 3. Keepers who maintain hundred continuously.

We offer varieties of education and practices for students to become well trained international global leaders as Creators, Developer, and/or Keepers.

Research area includes, brewery, fermentation, microbiology, plants, regenerative medicine, food, and biopharmaceuticals. Intensive collaborations with industrial field have been carried out and developed.

You can study Biotechnology for Industry in well designed and organized environments, including state-of-the-art instruments.

Since 1896

Our department has history of more than 120 years since 1896, starting from brewery, through fermentation reaching to biotechnology.

We are proud of leading researches on Biotechnology well connected to manufacturing.

The first Dean Dr.Tsuboi

The first Dean



Laboratory ofBioresource Engineering (Fukusaki Laboratory)

Bioresource Engineering

We research "measurement," "observation," and "utilization " of organisms using various analytical methods. Since the subjects of our research are diverse, including food, medicine, plants, and microorganisms, students can study various research fields after joining the laboratory.

Fukusaki Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Fukusaki Eiichiro
Associate Prof., Dr. Shimma Shuichi
Associate Prof., Dr. Putri Sastia

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Laboratory ofBioenvironmental System Engineering (Watanabe Laboratory)

Bioenvironmental Science

A small crustacean, Daphnia magna, is an ideal model organism to monitor environmental changes. Our major subjects are understanding of its sensing mechanism and development of new biosensors using genome editing and advanced molecular biology.

Watanabe Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Watanabe Hajime
Associate Prof., Dr. Kato Yasuhiko
Assistant Prof., Dr. Nikko Adhitama

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Laboratory ofMacromolecular Biotechnology (Uchiyama Laboratory)

Macromolecular Biotechnology

We are working on extensive biophysical and biochemical characterizations of proteins and protein complexes in foods and biopharmaceuticals, aiming at higher quality and safety. Researches on yeast biotechnology is also performed in our laboratory.

Uchiyama Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Uchiyama Susumu
Associate Prof., Dr. Torisu Tetsuo
Assistant Prof., Dr. Yamaguchi Yuki

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Laboratory ofCell Technology (Muranaka Laboratory)

Cell Technology

We are working on plant biotechnology to utilize cellular function and genetic resources of plants for social and industrial activities. Our discovery will contribute to promote health, increase in food production and environmental conservation.

Muranaka Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Muranaka Toshiya
Associate Prof., Dr. Seki Hikaru
Assistant Prof., Dr. Yasumoto Shuhei

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Laboratory ofBioprocess Systems Engineering (Kino-oka Laboratory)

Bioprocess Systems Engineering

We investigate biological phenomena and reaction fields of stem cells and tissues, including iPS cells, and are building technologies that utilize the ability of cells. In particular, we aim to contribute to regenerative medicine by establishing cell manufacturing technologies.

Kino-oka Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Kino-oka Masahiro
Associate Prof., Dr. Kim Mee-Hae
Assistant Prof., Dr. Yamamoto Riku

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Laboratory ofBiochemical Engineering (Omasa Laboratory)

Biochemical Engineering

Biochemical engineers are required to possess an integrated knowledge of governing biological properties and principles of chemical engineering methodology and strategy. Current topics are mammalian and microbial cell and cell culture engineering.

Omasa Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Omasa Takeshi
Associate Prof., Dr. Yamano Noriko

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Laboratory ofFunctional Microbe Technology (Aoki laboratory)

Functional Microbe Technology

Our lab aims to create innovative biotechnologies by focusing on microorganisms with extremely diverse functions, based on data-driven science that integrates omics science and machine learning. To date, we have achieved the analysis of microbial communities that enable sustainable crop production, the analysis of microorganisms that contribute to coral reef conservation, the development of next-generation micro-antibody screening technology, and the creation of artificial ribosomes. By applying these technologies to society, we hope to create a sustainable future.

Aoki laboratory

Professor, Dr. Aoki Wataru

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Laboratory ofApplied Microbiology (Fujiyama Laboratory)

Applied Microbiology

We challenge to produce human-friendly biopharmaceutical proteins such as antibodies, enzymes, vaccines, etc. using animal cells, plants, silk worms, and microbes as micro-factories with glyco-engineering

Fujiyama Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Fujiyama Kazuhito
Associate Prof., Dr. Misaki Ryo
Assistant Prof., Dr. Kajiura Hiroyuki

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Laboratory ofMolecular Microbiology (Honda Laboratory)

Molecular Microbiology

We are working on the identification and characterization of biomolecules underlying the unique physiology of microorganisms, and their application to the development of industrially useful technologies.

Honda Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Honda Kohsuke
Associate Prof., Dr. Hiroya Tomita

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Laboratory ofMetabolic Engineering (Shimizu Laboratory)

Metabolic Engineering

To obtain ideal production of a target compound, we are working on establishment of metabolic engineering methodologies. In silico design of metabolic pathways and experimental evaluation of cellular states are studied. Development of on-line detection and optogenetic control tools of the intracellular metabolic states are also performed.

Note: This laboratory is not included in English Course

Shimizu Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Shimizu Hiroshi
Associate Prof., Dr. Toya Yoshihiro
Assistant Prof., Dr. Niide Teppei

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Laboratory ofAnalytical Biotechnology (Matsuda Laboratory)

Analytical Biotechnology

To elucidate the principle of biological system which consists of complex interactive network of biological molecules such as gene, protein, and metabolites, we are trying to achieve the quantitative elucidation of the property of biological system by analyzing various kinds of molecules using advanced analytical technologies.

Note: This laboratory is not included in English Course

Matsuda Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Matsuda Fumio
Associate Prof., Dr. Okahashi Nobuyuki
Assistant Prof., Dr. Seike Taisuke

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Laboratory ofProtein Crystallography (Kurisu Laboratory)

Protein Crystallography

In order to understand the molecular mechanism of Photosynthesis and Microtubule-based molecular motor at the atomic level, we determine the 3D structures of membrane proteins, redox proteins and Dynein motors including their structure-guided variants.

Kurisu Laboratory

Professor, Dr. Kurisu Genji
Associate Prof., Dr. Tanaka Hideaki
Assistant Prof., Dr. Kawamoto Akihiro

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Double Degree Program

You can receive two distinct master degrees from both Osaka University and a foreign university at the same time.

- Partner Universities for Double Degree Program (as of Oct 2021) -

  • ● Faculty of Science and Faculty of Graduate Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand
  • ● Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology, Thonburi (KMUTT), Thailand
  • ● School of Life Sciences and Technology, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
  • ● Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Double Degree Program