For development of biotechnology toward global welfare

For the past few decades, biotechnology has been rapidly advancing together with the development of life sciences. There are great expectations for biology to produce medicine, preserve the natural environment, and perform other roles. The Department of Biotechnology is an academic subject in the School of Engineering that is unique in Japan. It is based on biology, physics, and chemistry, and seeks to elucidate the mechanism behind various biological phenomena and research and educate on the academic and cutting-edge technology that can be applied to those mechanisms from an engineering standpoint.

For example, the department conducts research on everything from microorganisms to animals and plants to search for useful compounds for foods, beverages, medicine, and agrochemicals, establishes theories for manufacturing them, develop new biological functions and environmental clean-up systems, and otherwise makes life science useful to everyday life. With this goal in mind, we research and educate on cutting edge technologies in fields such as genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, cellular engineering, protein technology, and biochemical engineering, and send skilled staff out into the world.
Division of Advanced Science and Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Course Chairman in FY2019:  Masahiro Kono-oka

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